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K3D (Killy, Killin', Killacai 3D) is a remake of the original fast-paced arcade shooter K3.  Retrospective gameplay and graphics of the 5th generation (of which you can switch between presets via the main menu), with gameplay mechanics synonymous with Star Fox: Assault. Game difficulty are unlocked each time you complete the game via the New game ranking system, with secret stages to unravel at higher difficulties beyond Normal, as well as extras and a series of special-ops missions if you reach max NGR (new game rank). The gameplay loop differs from the original game.

This article serves as a guide of the gameplay and what to expect from it.


Player respawn works different per difficulty level:

  • EASY: DNBO; revived directly on the spot.
  • NORMAL & HARD: Dead; respawn at the nearest checkpoint.
  • QORE: Game over.


Instead of autoreplacing them when you walk into them, players can now swap different weapons, and the previously dropped weapon will save it's remaining ammo (in case you decide to swap it again).

They also work differently!

  • CARBINE: Default weapon. Infinite ammo and overheats when you tap that fire key too fast.
  • ASSAULT RIFLE: Faster than the carbine, limited ammo, and does not overheat.
  • MACHINE GUN: Much faster than the assault rifle, limited ammo, hold the fire key for full effect.
  • ROCKET LAUNCHER: Slowest of all weapons and second-strongest, limited ammo, large radius of damage against multiple enemies.
  • OMNI GUN: The most powerful weapon in the game, limited ammo, supports two projectile systems - ballistic bullets, and homing missiles.


Better than ever! Health, armor, grenades, and lives from the Neo-Geo classic feature, only this time, with upgrades.

  • HEALTH: Restores player to full health.
  • ARMOR: Restores player to full armor.
  • GRENADE: Supplys the player 8 more grenades.
  • LIFE: Grants the player a life.
  • HEALTH UPGRADE: Maximizes player health by a 100.
  • ARMOR UPGRADE: Maximizes player armor by a 100.
  • INVICIBILITY: Grants God mode for 30 seconds.
  • SPEED: Increases the player's movement speed by 30% and attack speed by 10% for 30 seconds.
  • POWER: Enhanced the attack damage output for 30 seconds. Weapons fire stronger projectiles in duration.


The Kartani Crusaders, and wildlife are back and in variations, along with the new addition of the Undead!


  • INSURGENT: Standard terrorist, religious warrior, or partisan, it all depends on your political bias. Many citizens from all over the Kaleshi Desert region join the Kaleshi Resistance network to fight against the Imperium as they seek to conquer their home. However not all of them join for honest or ethical reasons... In fact, some simply revel in chaos and bloodshed.
  • CRUSADER: The loyalist and more devoted of the Kartani Crusaders. These professional combatants consist of seasoned partisans, former Kalestani soldiers, bandits, and even criminals (domestic and foreign). They are also more likely to throw grenades at you.
  • ZEALOT: The most devout fanatics of the Kartani Crusaders. They thrive in moral righteousness as they favor extreme tactics to slay their enemies, from flamethrowers, to using powerups, to even sending suicide bombers just to take you and your allies down. They crave war!
  • SAILOR: Although Kalestan is not officially at war against the Imperium (yet), some units of their military already sympathize with the Kaleshi Resistance, and a few rogue fleets from Kalestani navy is the first to lend aid abroad to help them. These sailors don't take kindly to invasions on their ships however. so they will do everything they can do defend it, often using homing misile launchers to take down enemy aircraft.


  • CROCODILE: Carnivorous reptiles lurking and bashing in the oases. They are gluttonous, and will charge and leap at anything they consider as prey - even manné.
  • SCORPION: Shady and deadly vermin usually hiding in oases and ruins, and roam freely at night. A stab or shank from an orange scorpions will strip a considerable chunk of your health, and unlike the original game, purple scorpions will poison you. You may also have to worry about the rare red scorpions, which will temporarily paralyze you, preventing you from moving for a short duration.
  • SNAKE: Venomous slitherine creatures. A single bite can poison you. Red snakes can also paralyze you.
  • TARANTULA: Typically harmless during the day, unless threatened. During the night however, this is a different story. They roam freely and are on alert from anything that can potentially harm them. While the brown and black ones are not much threat, the uncommon green ones can poison, the rare red ones can paralyze, and the legendary blue ones can instantly kill you.


  • ZOMBIE: The ruins and tombs of Kalesh have recently became haunted by some eldritch force, and these ancient fallen manné don't take kindly to any living disrupting their slumber or tresspassing on their home. They don't (re)die easily either! Each death, they will ressurect to fight again. The only cure to this problem are explosives - they will gib to peices.
  • ZOMBIE SOLDIER: Any living manné unfortunate enough to die on cursed and haunted ground may succumb to undeath, a process of which their body reanimates (their life force captured and bound to the curse). Just as the Insurgents and Imperials that were just slain at the town square.
  • ZOMBIE WARRIOR: Ancient fallen warriors, usually guarding important town buildings and tombs. They are practically everywhere inside pyramids. These walking corpses either carry a sword and shield (which deflects bullets, but not explosives), or dual wields scimitars.
  • ZOMBIE MAGE: Magic users from the times of old, usually found at libraries or places of mystical and/or religious importance, like aster shrines and churches. These magicians can also buff themselves and their comrades, making them frustrating bullet-sponges at worst, so slaying them shall be your highest priority.
  • ZOMBIE CHAMPION: The most powerful of the warriors. They are very strong and agile, heavily armored, and dual-wielding weapons, and swinging at you with full fury. Explosives or an omni-gun, and maintaining distance is recommended.


A total scripted joke no longer! You can now order them to follow you or stay behind!

Imperium of Nations

  • SOLDIER: Elisted infantry of the Imperial Army, be it volunteers or draftees. They are convinced they are fighting a noble cause against the Crusaders, yet little they know this war is much more sinister than they were led to believe...
  • PILOT: Elisted pilots of the Imperial Air Force, be it volunteers or draftees. They are found flying aircraft, or fending for their life when downed (assuming they survive the crash).
  • SAILOR: Elisted infantry of the Imperial Air Force, be it volunteers or draftees. They do what they can to defend ships from enemy aircraft. Can be quite vicious in close quarters combat, or even in the rare events they land on shores, sometimes using bomb lances to destroy enemy infantry squads and vehicles.
  • MARINE: The newly-formed Imperial Mutradi Death Corps are the most skilled of the branches, consisting exclusively of volunteers and sometimes Aster fanatics and zealots. They love to throw grenades at their enemies, flamethrowers, use bomb lances, and in legendary  cases, omni-guns.
  • Imperial Mercenary Corps
  • MERCENARY: A specially-volunteered hired gun. Their contract killing track records make them a hot-pick for invitation by the Imperium to fight abroad, at an unofficial capacity without inciting a war with the nation of convenience or objective, so long as it does not violate the Geneva Convention. In ensurance to respect the GC, Imperial mercs do not usually arrive with a large force, instead operation either alone or with a small squadron.


You can now drive vehicles and use turrets! Vehicles use infinite ammo and provide an extra layer of protection for the player as when destroyed they will die in the explosion, they'll simply eject! (This does not apply to regular allies however, they WILL be killed in the explosion!)


  • JEEP: Imperial reconnaisance attack vehicle. Supports 3 seats, Features a heavy machine gun turret.
  • TANK: Imperial light tank. Supports 1 seat. Features an artillery cannon turret.
  • APACHE: Imperial attack helicopter. Supports 2 seats. Features dual machine gun turrets, and dual missile silos.
  • CHINNOOK: Imperial drop helicopter. Supports 8 seats. Features 2 mounted HMG turrets, and the ability to fire from your seat.


  • TRUCK: Civillain pickup truck, converted into an Insurgent reconnaisance attack vehicle. Supports 3 seats, Features a heavy machine gun turret.
  • TANK: Captured Imperial light tank, converted into an Insurgent light tank. Supports 1 seat. Features an artillery cannon turret.
  • APACHE: Captured Imperial attack helicopter, converted for Insurgent use. Supports 2 seats. Features dual machine gun turrets, and dual missile silos.
  • CHINNOOK: Captured Imperial drop helicopter, converted for Insurgent use. Supports 8 seats. Features 2 mounted HMG turrets, and the ability to fire from your seat.


  • MECH WALKER: Experimental mech walker that somehow managed to escape Imperial laboratories. Supports 1 seat. Features 1 mounted HMG and 1 mounted misile silo.


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